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Pick Three

There's a marketing cliché that says you can pick two, but not three, of the following:

• Quality work
• Delivered on time
• At a reasonable price

At Kowal Communications, you can have aIl three. How?

We're a team of senior-level, self-employed professionals who have worked together for nearly two decades. Because we're experienced and self-motivated, and have low overhead, we can deliver quality work, on time, at a reasonable price.

If you feel the need to have a big name agency, Kowal Communications is not for you. if you'd prefer to have senior-level professionals who have worked together for many years and who will charge a reasonable rate, we're your agency.

Recent Projects

With the housing market improving, ERA Key recently returned as a client.  Kowal Communications has already arranged a feature on the company president in The Sunday Telegram, in addition to articles in Yahoo! Homes, RISMedia and Total Mortgage.  We have also arranged interviews with MSN, the Power Broker Report and other media.

We recently developed a newsletter for WPI’s Robert A. Foisie School of Business, providing all copy and design, as well as a name.  We called it TIEs to emphasize the themes of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, while also focusing on the ties between students, alumni, faculty and staff.  Here is an electronic version.

While we have been able to publicize this eating disorders treatment hospital in national media ranging from The New York Times to People magazine, we’re especially proud of an in-depth feature in Worcester Magazine. The feature, which focuses on a patient who was recovering from anorexia, demonstrates why it’s worth cultivating customers or clients who are willing to be interviewed. It’s also a very well-written piece. It ends with this sentence: “If I could scream from the top of a building for everyone to come here, I would.”

Our Blog: "Pros & Cons"

When employers “empower” employees, they are giving them more responsibility without more pay.

Isn’t all time real?  Yet in the business world, we frequently use the term “real time,” as though there were also “fake time” or maybe “unreal time.”

No doubt some of your employees are very talented.  But referring collectively to your employees as your “talent” is a stretch unless you manage a talent agency.  Employees really don’t mind being called employees.

Who wouldn’t want to replace reporters with robots?  It’s understandable when you consider the advantages.