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Pick Three

There's a marketing cliché that says you can pick two, but not three, of the following:

• Quality work
• Delivered on time
• At a reasonable price

At Kowal Communications, you can have aIl three. How?

We're a team of senior-level, self-employed professionals who have worked together for nearly two decades. Because we're experienced and self-motivated, and have low overhead, we can deliver quality work, on time, at a reasonable price.

If you feel the need to have a big name agency, Kowal Communications is not for you. if you'd prefer to have senior-level professionals who have worked together for many years and who will charge a reasonable rate, we're your agency.

Recent Projects

When Equity Trust wanted to publicize its clients’ efforts to use their self-directed IRAs to do good deeds in their community, we suggested that a targeted pitch would be more effective than a press release. To date, our results include articles in The New York Times, Forbes and elsewhere.

While we have been able to publicize this eating disorders treatment hospital in national media ranging from The New York Times to People magazine, we’re especially proud of an in-depth feature in Worcester Magazine.

Martha Convers created Shoes for Venezuela to help those in her native country and she was honored with an award from ERA Key Realty Services. In publicizing her award, we were able to get her featured in this Forbes article, which describes the horrors of life in Venezuela today.

Our Blog: "Pros & Cons"

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Apparently, it’s OK for the media to attack President Trump, but not for President Trump to attack the media.

"Get out the vote" efforts encourage people who shouldn't be voting to vote.