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January 30, 2013

Returning from my second home in income-tax-free Florida, I learned that Governor Duval Patrick wants to increase the Massachusetts income tax from 5.25% to 6.25%.

Even in January, the beaches were lovely in Florida this year – and free.  I went to several and didn’t spend a dime.

That’s $30 less than what I paid last summer to spend a few hours on a weekday at Memorial Beach at Webster Lake in Massachusetts.  At that price, at least we had the beach practically to ourselves.

When in Florida, I make a point of using the library in Palm Beach Garden.  In addition to having multiple copies of the latest books, it has a film collection better than any I’ve seen anywhere.  Even when Blockbuster had its video stores, it didn’t offer the selection of foreign movies that are available for free in Florida.

The check out at the library was automated and when books and DVDs were returned, they went through a scanner that recorded their return.

While the staff at my local library is friendly and helpful, the library is modest in comparison.

I don’t drive much while in Florida, because I don’t need to, but the highway system is easier to use and in much better shape than Massachusetts highways.

The tax system, like the weather, is much more pleasant in Florida.  So why am I paying more money for less service in Massachusetts?


Deval must go. He is killing Ma.

The income tax needs to be repealed in the next election. Deval needs to move back to Chicago. He is no longer welcome here!

Deval must go.

I agree that Deval must go ... but who will take his place? 

Tim Murray's political career is dead, fortunately.  What has Bill Weld been up to lately?

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