Careercast Survey: Being A Garbage Collector Is Better Than Being A Reporter

May 3, 2013

As a former newspaper reporter, I’m thankful every day that I left print journalism and have been able to run my own business for more than 20 years.

I became even more thankful after reading that ranked being a reporter as the worst job in the world.  Well, maybe not the worst.  The survey included only 200 jobs.  I didn’t see honey dipper or bomb squad specialist on the list.

The last place ranking was primarily based on the job outlook, or lack thereof.  So if your college-bound progeny are thinking about a career in journalism, suggest instead a career as a garbage collector (rank: 160), ironworker (118), funeral director (116) or lumberjack (199).

The closest job I could find to my current position is “public relations executive,” which ranked comfortably above the median at 73.

What’s puzzling about the survey, though, is that actuary topped the list as the best job.  Really?  Frankly, I’d rather be back working as a reporter again.


Reporter vs Garbage Collector

One man's trash is another man's treasure. The harder it is to get good information, the more valuable it can be.

There was a great profile of Boston Globe news photog Stan Grossman in the March 27 G magazine. He said he makes a profession out of chasing everyone's anguish. He has a new book out, 'Before Yellow Tape'.

Actuary topping the list? Good heavens, talk about the Dismal Science. And ironcially, actuaries might be among the beneficiaries of the visual information contained in Before Yellow Tape.


Reporter vs Garbage Collector

Thanks for your comment, CPO.

I'm with you.  I can barely say the word "actuary" without falling asleep.




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