Common Sense Needed – Part 2

April 5, 2013

In yesterday’s post, we noted that there were too many common mistakes to include them all in a single blog post.  So here’s part 2, focussing on publicity and advertising.

  1. Missing publishing deadlines. Failing to return calls from reporters in time to meet their deadlines is a bad practice for a company seeking publicity. No matter how important you may think your news is, it is not important enough to hold up publication. If you don’t provide news to an editor on time, your competitors will.
  2. Pitching inappropriate media, which is like selling to someone who doesn’t need your product.
  3. Telling a reporter something is “off the record” after you’ve already said it.
  4. Demanding that a reporter submit whatever is written to you for approval before it is published.
  5. Using publicity photos taken by your administrative assistant. Your administrative assistant is probably very talented, but if you want your company to look professional, use a professional photographer.
  6. Relying too heavily on press releases. Many companies think that press releases are the only way to get publicity for their company. Press releases are fine for breaking news, but sending out a press release puts the editor on notice that other media are receiving the same release. Major media want exclusivity.
  7. Spreading a small advertising budget over too many different media.  It is much better to run a focused campaign with an ad that will get noticed, than to try to appear everywhere.  Frequency, size and ad location count online, just as they do in print.  For broadcast ads, frequency and time of day are key.  This all assumes, of course, that you’re advertising in the right media.
  8. Failing to give advertising time to work.  The impact of advertising is cumulative.

What mistakes do you see being made frequently?


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