Common Sense Needed To Avoid Common Mistakes

April 4, 2013

When it comes to marketing, common sense isn’t all that common. The same easily avoided mistakes seem to be made repeatedly.

The offenders come from many different industries, from companies large and small, and from throughout the world. Many of the following mistakes are even made by communications professionals (excluding the author, of course).

It’s a long list, so we’ll break it into several posts to avoid the common mistake of writing blog posts that are too long:

  1. Creating a social media program just because everyone else is using social media.
  2. Failing to research your market, because you think you know what your customer needs.
  3. Having a technical expert develop your Web site.  A Web site is a marketing tool.  It should be professionally designed and all copy should be professionally written.
  4. Replacing other marketing efforts with social media, rather than integrating social media into your marketing strategy.
  5. Failing to update your Web site regularly.  Content creates repeat visits and will helps with your search engine ranking.
  6. Retaining different agencies to handle your Web site, publicity, advertising, SEO and social media. Marketing works best when all of your communications are integrated.  If different agencies are working on different aspects of your marketing program, communications messages will be inconsistent.  Companies that have in-house marketing staff who can coordinate everything may use several agencies; those that don’t, shouldn’t.
  7. Creating a Web site that’s just an electronic brochure. Web sites are nonlinear and provide an opportunity to provide different things for different people.
  8. Creating a blog that no one updates regularly.

What mistakes do you see being made regularly?


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