Confessions of a “Right-Wing Fanatic”

June 5, 2013

In a democracy, people are entitled to express their opinions. 

I have many friends who think differently than I do, but we respect each other’s opinions.  But I was a bit startled when an associate of mine expressed his opinion that I’m a “right-wing fanatic.”

So what makes me a “right-wing fanatic?”  My associate didn’t say, but am I really a “right-wing fanatic?”  You be the judge.  Here’s what I believe in:

Freedom is what makes America great.  When a President or Congress impose on my personal freedom, I become angry.

Free markets complement personal freedom.  Capitalism, with a minimum of regulatory restraints, produces jobs and economic strength.  Socialism produces poverty and misery, and leads to fascism.

Keynesian economics doesn’t work.  If it did, the economy would be in great shape right now.  It’s not.

Quantitative easing doesn’t work.  If it did, the economy would be in great shape right now.  It’s not.

We deserve leadership from our President and from Congress.  We’re not getting it.

We deserve the truth from our elected officials.  We’re not getting it.

A President who disavows any responsibility for the Benghazi tragedy, IRS actions, subpoenas of journalists’ records, a failed economic policy, a $17 trillion federal debt and everything else that has gone wrong during the past four-plus years does not deserve our support.

Leaders accept responsibility.  Politicians don’t.  President Obama is a politician.

Higher government spending does not solve social problems.  It creates them.

Only an ass leads from behind.

Pretending that terrorism is no longer a problem will only result in more acts of terrorism.

Giving in to the world’s bullies will only result in more bullying.

We should be ashamed of the debt load we’re creating for our kids.  What do we have to show for a $17 trillion federal debt and nearly $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities?  Not much.

Teachers unions have made our public schools an embarrassment.  Our children will not be able to compete with the rest of the world unless we make major changes.

Our immigration policy is wrong.  We should open our doors to hard-working immigrants, but illegal aliens are illegal.

Treating people differently because of the color of their skin is racist.  Treating people differently because of their gender is sexist.  Affirmative action and other programs of that nature are racist.  Everyone should be treated the same.

If you disagree with my beliefs, you may be a left-wing fanatic.



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