Creating a Content Marketing Plan (Content Marketing, Part 3)

April 23, 2014

For content marketing to succeed, the Content Marketing Institute recommends using seven “building blocks.”

They include plan, audience, story, channels, process, conversations and measurement.

As with the definition of content marketing that CMI provides, this is marketing basics disguised as something new.  Missing from the mix is research, which is necessary when developing a plan and identifying the needs of the “audience” (i.e., potential customers).

Your “story” is your marketing message, told through a variety of “channels,” which distribute the message using a “process” that should change as social and other media evolve.

Thanks to the Internet, we can also have “conversations.”  Let’s say your blog post is so compelling, someone takes the time to post a comment.  You comment back.  The person is so impressed that you commented back that he or she phones you, continues the conversation and places a multi-million dollar order with your company.

This is hypothetical, of course.  More often, both parties are having a “conversation” that has little to do with business, when they could be doing something more productive.

And, finally, there’s “measurement,” which is used to justify all of the time and money spent on content marketing.  Maybe you’re just measuring traffic to your blog or to specific landing pages, but ideally you’re tracking how much of that traffic turns into sales.

Otherwise, why bother with content marketing?


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