Dead People Need Help, Too

June 3, 2013

You’d think Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump would be singled out for praise for finding that Massachusetts is paying welfare benefits to dead people.

But no.  Based on the reaction of Governor Deval Patrick and others, you’d think Ms. Bump was the one doing something illegal.

Unlike the governor, the state auditor was doing her job and looking out for the taxpayers.

Governor Patrick reacted, though, by repeatedly questioning the accuracy of the audit.  And when asked whether Bump, a former Patrick cabinet member, is doing a bad job, he said, “I think it’s too soon to say.”

Consider some of the specifics of what Bump found and you’ll likely conclude that it’s not Bump who’s doing a bad job:

  • The state Department of Transitional Assistance paid out a total of $2.39 million in benefits to 1,164 recipients who'd been dead for six to 27 months.
  • Records show numerous even-dollar transactions, which may indicate that retailers are illegally exchanging a participant’s food-stamp benefits for cash, since food prices rarely end in round dollar amounts.  Auditors identified $1.5 million in even-dollar transactions that should have been investigated.
  • Excessive re-issuances of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards.  A recipient’s requests for numerous EBT replacement cards may indicate that the user is trafficking the cards.  The audit showed that 9,800 people have requested and received 10 or more EBT replacement cards since 2006, with one individual being issued 127 cards during the period.
  • Auditors identified $4.58 million in out-of-state transactions that warranted investigation.
  • Some recipients showed a pattern of using all SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits in one transaction, indicating that the recipient may have exchanged the card for cash, rather than using it to buy food.

So why is Governor Patrick’s anger directed at Suzanne Bump instead of at the DTA?

Gov. Patrick’s sixth sense must be telling him, “I see dead people voting.”

You may recall that Gov. Patrick granted illegal aliens an opportunity to attend state colleges at in-state tuition rates and has tried to allow them to obtain Massachusetts driver’s licenses.  He also wanted to provide illegals with government-subsidized housing.

Combine his support for illegals with his opposition to requiring legal ID when voting and you’ve got a significant voting bloc.

Dead people may be an even more important voting bloc.  There are more of them.



welfare to dead people

This is why Massachusetts is so bankrupt. Our leaders have no ethics. They care only about getting re-elected and their career in politics. The taxpayers never get a fair deal. Voters need to get these people out. Term limits and getting people who really care about taxpayers is what this state needs. Not EBT handouts.

Patrick is such a slime. Attacking a person for doing her job, exposing fraud. He should be thanking her on behalf of the taxpayers, but no his solution and all Democrats solution to everything, just keep raising taxes. Disgusting!

welfare to dead people

Disgusting?  You bet it is.

Tolerating welfare cheats is an insult not only to taxpayers, but to legitimate welfare recipients. 

Politicians don't understand or care about economics.  The better we use our financial resources, the more prosperous we will be as a country.  Money that goes to welfare cheats only helps criminals.

Such are the consequences of living in a one-party state.

Thanks for your comment.


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