Iron Lady vs. Paper Tiger

April 9, 2013

Margaret Thatcher ruled Britain at a time when leaders led.  Her passing serves as a reminder of the difference between a leader and a politician.

When Margaret Thatcher came to power, she inherited a Britain practically destroyed by socialism, having just been through its “winter of discontent.”

She stood up to the powerful unions, resurrected free enterprise in Great Britain and cut the tax rate from a high of 83% for earned income and 98% (98% !!!) for unearned income to a high of 40%.  She abhorred debt and ran a tight budget.

When Argentina tied to take over the Falkland Islands, she put her reputation and political credibility at stake and defended British territory.

Even when the IRA attempted to kill her, she was not intimidated.  The hotel where she stayed was bombed and burned to the ground, but she remained standing – and didn’t even interrupt her schedule.

Margaret Thatcher was called an “Iron Lady” as an insult, but she embraced the nickname, which suited her well.

Margaret Thatcher was a leader.

The Paper Tiger

President Obama came to power as the United States was at the beginning of the Great Recession.  He immediately increased government spending to “stimulate” the economy.  For four years, he ran deficits of $1.3 trillion to $1.4 trillion, while the Federal Reserve Board weakened the currency, enabling the government to continue borrowing money at the lowest interest rate possible.

He otherwise did little to help the economy, focusing instead on socializing healthcare.

Four years later, there were fewer jobs and more people out of work than when he took office.  When the recession ended, the economy grew at a rate of less than 2 percent a year, well below its historic average of 3.3%.

His economic policies were not working, but he continued them anyway – and blamed his predecessor and the Republican Party for the financial mess.  The Federal debt soared from $9 trillion to $17 trillion, which our children will someday have to pay.

He promised to make the world safer by negotiating with the world’s despots.  As North Korea proceeds with nuclear tests and Iran closes in on becoming a nuclear power, other countries, from Japan to Saudi Arabia, are beginning to see a need to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.

Dictators throughout the world know that, with the Paper Tiger in office, they can do whatever they’d like.  The only consequence is likely to be increased aid from the U.S.

In the Middle East, he allowed Assad to slaughter his own people and took no action.  He went to Israel to criticize our ally for not giving in to Palestinian terrorists.

President Obama is a politician.

Who would you rather have leading your country – a leader or a politician?  The Iron Lady or the Paper Tiger?


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