Publicity is our specialty. We’ve succeeded in getting publicity for even very small clients in top-tier media, such as The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, plus broadcast appearances on CNBC, Fox Business News and elsewhere.

The following links will bring you to the news rooms of a few of our clients:

DiCicco Gulman & Company, LLP
Using bylined articles and press releases, DiCicco, Gulman & Company, LLP (DGC) is frequently featured not only in Boston-area press, but nationally.  Results can be found in the DGC newsroom.
Vertical Capital Markets Group
When Vertical Capital Markets Group introduced a new closed-end fund that specialized in purchasing bundles of whole mortgage loans, we were able to publicize the fund in The Wall Street Journal, Investment News and in various other media.  The company CEO was also quoted extensively as an industry expert in The New York Times and elsewhere.  Some results of our work can be found in the Vertical newsroom.
Pluris Valuation Advisors
This valuation firm, which specializes in valuing illiquid assets, has been featured regularly in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes and elsewhere.
Pluris news room

Walden Behavioral Care
This eating disorders treatment center has been featured in The New York Times, People and The Boston Globe, and on PBS, New England Cable News and elsewhere.
Walden news room

Wenning Investments
This active investment manager has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Street and elsewhere. We’ve also ghost-written various articles for Principal Brenda Wenning.
Wenning Investments news room

Former clients:

SecondMarket, Inc.
This news room will give you some idea of the results we can achieve for a client – even if you have a limited budget.

How did we get a start-up company featured in The New York Times? By NOT sending out a press release. We convinced our client to hold off on sending out a press release, so we could first pitch the story about the launch of the Restricted Securities Trading Network to selected reporters. By the time the press release went out, the network had also been featured in The Wall Street Journal online.

Publicity built as the company grew and SecondMarket was regularly featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, Associated Press and elsewhere. We worked with the company from 2005 to 2009, when SecondMarket’s venture capital company required that Kowal Communications be replaced with a large, worldwide agency. We continue to work with an affiliate.

Samples of our work with SecondMarket are available on request.

Winslow Management Company
Our work on behalf of this green investing company resulted in a section front feature in Barron’s, three features in The New York Times, two Associated Press features, regular appearances on CNBC’s “Morning Call,” an appearance on “Wall Street Week” … and much, much more. Samples are available on request.

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