Remember America’s Heroes

May 28, 2013

America didn’t become the freest and most prosperous country in the world by accident.

Our military forces, from the Minutemen to the soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, have given us the freedom we enjoy by putting their lives at risk every day.

More than a million Americans have given their lives for their country, protecting democracy and making our country safer.  It is important that we remember and honor them on Memorial Day.

For many, the holiday has lost its meaning.  Originally known as Decoration Day when it was created after the Civil War, it was a day during which those who died in service to their country were remembered with flags on their graves and parades.

Today, it has become the traditional beginning of summer and is marked by barbecues with family and friends.  Visits are made to cemeteries not only to honor the military dead, but to put flowers on the graves of all of our loved ones.  Often, little thought is given to the military.

This past weekend, on a cold and rainy Saturday, I took my mother to visit the grave of her mother and the twin brother I never knew.  Thinking about my brother, who died within days of being born, was a reminder of how fortunate I am.

We also visited the grave of my father-in-law, a military veteran, and there were flags and flowers on dozens of grave sites throughout the cemetery.  It was a reminder of how fortunate we all are.



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