Sequestration: Apocalypse Not.

February 28, 2013

The word “massive” hasn’t been abused this much since Viagara was launched.

CNBC noted that the “massive” budget cuts caused by sequestration would stunt the revival of the housing market.  The Chicago Sun-Times used the “m” word to predict the scale of travel delays … as if anyone ever flies in or out of Chicago on time, even without the sequester.

NPR, which always sees the glass as half empty, noted that “programs affecting low-income Americans like food stamps, Medicaid and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families are exempt from across-the-board spending cuts,” but fretted that the impact on Meals on Wheels would be “devastating.”

Others echoed the Obama Administration’s predictions of an economic apocalypse, detailing the tragedy of cuts to Head Start, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and national parks.

There will be less money to pay food inspectors, so we’ll all be contracting salmonella!  Once we have salmonella, we won’t be able to be treated because of “massive” cuts to healthcare!  Education will be slashed, so our kids will grow up stupid!  Our roads will no longer be safe, bridges will collapse, the ice caps will melt, and Iran will achieve world domination!

All this because of an $85 billion budget cut.  As everything in Washington gets pushed off as long as possible, only $44 billion In actual cuts are scheduled to take place in 2013.

In a budget of $3.5 trillion, that amounts to a cut of 1.2% of total federal spending.

President Obama has, of course, led the Chicken Little chorus.  He has not taken a minute to try to negotiate a deal, but he did go to the Newport News shipyard to warn about the devastating impact the cuts will have on the nation’s security.

If he has any concern at all for all of the government employees who will allegedly be losing their jobs because of the “massive” 1.2% budget cuts, why is he waiting until now to discuss the sequester?  And if there’s not enough money for air traffic controllers, teachers and food inspectors, why did he spend $7 million on his taxpayer funded vacation?


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