Sequestration. Whose Fault Is It?

February 22, 2013

Sequestration, the automatic spending cuts in the federal budget that will take place next month unless a deal is negotiated, is almost certain.  So whose fault is it?

President Obama came up with the idea of sequestration because of his inability and unwillingness to negotiate a deal to control deficit spending.

President Obama has presented budgets that were unanimously turned down by both the House and the Senate.

President Obama has run budgets with deficits exceeding $1 trillion every year that he’s been in office.

President Obama created the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (Simpson-Bowles) to help bring the federal debt under control – then ignored its findings.

President Obama created a bipartisan “super committee” to help bring the federal debt under control – then ignored its findings.

During President Obama’s first term as President, the federal debt increased by more than $7 trillion.

President Obama sought to circumvent the debt ceiling and asked Congress to remove any limits on federal debt.

President Obama created more new federal spending obligations with his $800+ billion “stimulus” program, which had virtually no impact on the economy.

During President Obama’s first term, unfunded obligations – amounts owed for Medicare, Social Security and retirement obligations of government employees – soared to more than $86 trillion.  President Obama has refused to touch these entitlements, but did expand Medicaid and food stamps.

President Obama created ObamaCare, which creates trillions of dollars in new spending.

President Obama has hampered economic growth, resulting in an unemployment rate that has been stuck near 8% for years.  Lower unemployment would mean more taxes coming in and a lower deficit.  His solution?  Raise the minimum wage.

President Obama has said, “We don’t have a spending problem.”

So whose fault is it?

Why, the Republican party’s, of course.  Especially those crazy Tea Party types.  Just read what Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne has to say:

“Here is the most important thing about the battle raging in the capital over $85 billion in automatic spending cuts: Republicans are losing the argument but winning the time war.

“The more time we spend on pointless disputes about budget cuts no one is expected to make soon, the less we spend trying to solve the problems that confront us right now — and, God forbid, thinking about the future.

“Moreover, the 2012 election gave President Barack Obama new authority and new energy. Republicans want to place as much distance between themselves and that election as they possibly can. From their perspective, the more months we fritter away on these dumb, fake emergencies, the better. As Obama’s clout slowly diminishes, so will his opportunities to press his own priorities.

“If Washington can be kept in a state of partisan paralysis, Republicans stand to gain more.”

That’s right … it’s “partisan paralysis” caused by those crazy Republicans.  If only they’d agree to raise taxes again, this “pointless dispute” would end!

The Republican-controlled House has, by the way, proposed alternatives to sequestration.

What have the Democrats in the Senate done?  And what has President Obama done?  Blamed the Republicans.


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