State of the Union: What Union?

February 14, 2013

Between his state of the union speech and his inaugural address, it should be clear by now to anyone with ears that President Obama is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

He’s going to save the environment, provide public education starting at age four, increase the minimum wage, tilt at more alternative energy windmills, fix the country’s infrastructure, provide stronger gun control, make it easier to vote and finally address immigration.

And yet he says that nothing he’s proposing “should increase our deficit by a single dime.”  Right.  And the Affordable Care Act is going to cut the cost of healthcare.

As in his debates with Mitt Romney, he touted his creation of six million new jobs.  The last I read, there were fewer jobs in the U.S. than when President Obama took office.

Again, as in the debates, he cited American progress in energy production, but his administration has only made it more difficult to drill and has had nothing to do with our increased energy production.  Keystone, anyone?

He spent a good chunk of his State of the Union address talking about the economy, but talking doesn’t create jobs – and neither does increasing the minimum wage.  Employers have to pay more than ever for health insurance, deal with more regulation than ever and worry about being sued for almost anything.  Tacking on higher pay for unskilled labor will push the unemployment rate up, not down.

It a good thing for a President to have an ambitious agenda, but there’s a big difference between ambition and delusion.  President Obama may even believe that he can stop global warming and create a middle class, government-run utopia, but he can’t even get a budget approved.

The most divisive of Presidents, President Obama long ago made it clear that he is going to do whatever he’s going to do and he doesn’t care what Republicans think.  It should also be clear that he doesn’t care what Democrats think, either.

So how is this most divisive of Presidents going to accomplish anything in his second term?  A State of the Union address is meaningless when there is no union.


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