The Eyeless Generation

June 6, 2013

The eyeless people are everywhere.  Even when driving or crossing the street, they don’t look up.

They are in a trance-like state, induced by the electronic device in their hands.  Their whole world is below eye level and nothing else matters.  Not the person they’re with.  Not the other people on the crowded sidewalk.  Not the other drivers.

In some ways, cellphones have liberated us, enabling us to communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time.  But they have also taken away our freedom.  With our cellphone, we are never completely alone.  We can be reached by anyone, anywhere at any time.

The cellphone is the most advanced communications device ever created, yet it is destroying our ability to communicate.  The more ubiquitous mobile phones have become, the less time we spend in actual conversation.  Don’t talk to anyone in person if you can call them on your mobile.  Don’t call anyone if you can e-mail them.  Don’t e-mail them if you can text them.

Texting and tweeting are the punk rock of conversation.  They lack substance, but they’re over with quickly.

True conversations require that we look each other in the eye, speak and listen.  The eyeless generation makes no eye contact.  The eyeless generation thinks it’s acceptable to have dinner with other people without ever looking up from an iPhone.  The eyeless generation texts while driving, usually at a near stop in the fast lane.

Remember “Internet addiction?”  Today we have cellphone addiction and it’s as real as any other addiction.

The eyeless generation needs to look up and see the world.


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