The First Black President? Not Really.

July 23, 2013

Imagine if President Obama announced when he first ran for President that he was white.  An absurd thought, right?  But is it any different for him to call himself black?

President Obama is not black, of course.  He is multiracial and was raised by his white mother.

You would think he would be as accepting of his white heritage as he is of his black heritage.  Touting his multiracial background, he could have been a racial uniter, for the good of his country.  Instead, he is a racial divider who uses race for his own good.

Running as a black man, President Obama captured a whopping 95% of the black vote when he became “the first black President” and a staggering 93% when he was re-elected – even though blacks suffered through higher levels of poverty and unemployment during his first term than they did during the Bush Presidency.

Few people have challenged the President on his blackness, because doing so would likely result in charges of racism.  But who is the real “racist” here?  It is President Obama who consistently puts one race ahead of the other.

President Obama Could Have Been Trayvon Martin

One example is the case of Trayvon Martin and the President’s strange reaction to it.

A jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering the young black man.  In America, circumstantial evidence is not enough to convict a man.  In America, a person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  In America, a person’s guilt or innocence is not supposed to be determined by skin color.

Yet many in American media and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tried to turn the trial into a referendum on race in America.

It’s a tragedy that Trayvon Martin was killed.  It’s a much bigger tragedy that blacks are murdered in the U.S. at seven times the rate as whites – and blacks most often are murdered by other blacks.  About 7,000 black Americans are murdered each year and 94% of the time, the murders are committed by other blacks.

So Trayvon is a statistic, but it’s not surprising that he was martyred by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whose success depends on racial division.

But should the President of the United States be commenting on this case?  He did so previously, noting that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon.  Post trial, the President said, “Trayvon Martin could’ve been me, 35 years ago.”

So, in other words, like Trayvon, President Obama is a victim of racism.  To emphasize this point, the President went on to talk about incidents of racial profiling when he was a child.

How was he ever elected President in a racist country like ours?

President Obama’s denial of his multi-racial heritage is dishonest and opportunistic.  I’ve found his comments on race to be unbecoming of a President.  I don’t understand why more Americans, black and white, don’t feel the same way.




I simply cannot believe that in 2013 we are still discussing a person's race. It should never be an issue. By making it one, we re-enforce it.


Amen to that.  I couldn't agree more.

Instead of being color blind and treating everyone the same, we have diversity police pushing support of "disparate impact."  That's crazy.

Treating people differently because of the color of their skin is just plain wrong, whether they are being discriminated against or given special treatment. 

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