The Genius of Obamanomics

June 27, 2013

I admit it.  I misunderstood President Obama.

As President, I thought it was his job to improve the economy.  Yet his every move seems designed to put companies out of business and their employees out of work.

But it all makes sense to me now.  I finally get it.  Because the worst the economy performs, the better the stock market performs.

It finally hit me yesterday, when the Bureau of Economic Analysis announced that the economy had grown by just 1.8% in the first quarter, down from an original estimate of 2.4%.  Because of the announcement, investors concluded that quantitative easing would continue -- and the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 149.83 points.

Bad Is Good

During his first term, President Obama seemed to ignore the economy.  True, his $814 billion “stimulus” legislation was the largest spending bill in history, but most of the money went to Medicaid and union-favored programs, and it did little to help the economy.

His big focus was on Obamacare.  Has there ever been a piece of legislation so deliberately designed to hurt the economy?  Just to be safe, though, he also signed Dodd-Frank into law.

With the economy showing signs of improvement, he began his second term by taking an additional 2% of income from those Americans who still pay taxes.  He increased taxes on job-creating wealthy taxpayers so much, he practically made being wealthy a crime.

Still, the economy was showing signs of improvement.  At least until he announced his new “climate change” program, dictated to the American people without Congressional approval.  As presented, his program will make it impossible for coal to be used as an energy source.  Given its anti-carbon mandate, it may also succeed in killing fracking, which has been the brightest growth sector in the U.S. economy.

I wondered why he would do so much to deliberately hurt the economy.  It even crossed my mind that he was trying to destroy America as we know it.

But it turns out that he’s not a socialist.  He’s just a smarter capitalist than the rest of us.

With Obamacare implementation scheduled for next year, healthcare costs will double and few businesses will be able to afford to hire anyone.  The U.S. will likely follow Europe and Japan into another recession, which will really give the stock market a boost.

If he can just keep adding new regulations and putting companies out of business, the economy will tank, quantitative easing will continue and the stock market will continue to break new records.

Tough Luck

If you want to thrive in the Obamanomy, quit your job and put all of your money into the market.  If you’re out of work and don’t have any money, tough luck.  Join the 45 million Americans receiving food handouts through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  Half of American is no longer paying taxes, so there’s no shame in joining them.

It’s unfortunate that the low interest rates created by quantitative easing have hurt seniors who are on fixed incomes – the people President Obama allegedly wants to help.  At least his rich friends at Goldman Sachs have benefited.

President Obama is a genius.



The new climate change regs

Well I hope you are being sarcastic because this is all very disturbing. Liberals don't understand how to create jobs in private sector, only government jobs. This is very sad for the future.
Maybe once US files bankruptcy and there are no free handouts of anything, people will have to work to get something not have government give it to them?

Response to "new climate change regs"

You bet I'm being sarcastic ... or satirical, to be more accurate.  I very much agree with what you're saying and wish more people did.

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