The Privacy Double Standard

June 17, 2013

Liberal logic (pardon the oxymoron) can be confusing.

Liberals strongly endorse government control of healthcare, government control of the economy, government control of the energy we produce, government control of the food we eat, government control of the water we drink and government control of the air that we breathe.

And yet they balk at every attempt by the government to control terrorism.  Keeping us safe may be the government’s most important job – and it’s a job that the federal government has historically done well.

Yet the same people who want bureaucrats in Washington to decide whether Uncle Joe qualifies for a liver transplant don’t want the government to have access to our telephone records.  They want to shut down Gitmo, give terrorists civil trials and stop tapping their telephone conversations.

They were outraged when American military personnel took degrading photos of terrorists and when we used waterboarding on a few terrorists to obtain important information, but they’re about as incensed as the United Nations leadership when terrorists behead, blow up or threaten Americans.

Given that the war on terrorism is far from over, the United States should be using every means possible to identify and stop terrorists.  I’d rather not share my telephone records with the federal government, but I doubt that Big Brother cares or has the resources to determine that yesterday’s conversation with mom took seven minutes and 58 seconds.


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