Value statement

Kowal Communications’ business philosophy distinguishes us from other marketing communications agencies:

  1. We place a heavy emphasis on client service, treating each client like our only client.

  2. We take pride in our ability to turn projects around quickly. We are accessible to clients at all times and complete projects on or before deadline.

  3. At larger, higher-priced agencies, it is a standard business practice to involve senior-level practitioners in the presentation, then to switch responsibility to junior-level people once the account is secured. When a client retains the services of Kowal Communications, it is retaining senior-level professionals who will remain on the account at all times.

  4. We have a balanced roster of clients. We may already have enough experience in your industry to have an understanding of your business – but we also have enough clients outside of your industry to give us an objective, “outside-the-box” perspective.

  5. The individual services we provide are part of an overall corporate communications strategy that is driven by specific, jointly developed goals and objectives.

  6. We believe that long-term, ongoing relationships best serve client needs. We understand that every long-term relationship begins with outstanding service.

  7. We have developed public relations programs, marketing communications materials and Web sites for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. If there are services we cannot provide internally, we will be honest with the client. However, we work with a network of subcontractors that can ensure that all of our clients’ needs are met.

If these are the values you are looking for in an agency, e-mail us or call 508-393-7023.

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