What’s Your Title?

May 23, 2013

Those who practice law are called lawyers or attorneys.  Those who practice medicine are called doctors or physicians.  Those who cover news are called reporters or journalists.  Those who practice public relations are called … well, there’s really no consistent title.

Are we public relations practitioners, still practicing after all of these years?  Are we public relations specialists or public relations professionals?  Are we publicists or press agents, which implies that all we do is get our clients published?  Are we flacs?

We contribute more to the bottom line than most professionals and at a lower cost, yet many think that all we do is send out press releases.

Architectures, accountants and engineers all have real titles.  Why don’t we?

If someone asks you what you do for a living, do you really want to say, “I’m a public relations practitioner?”  Or “I’m in public relations?”

Odd that as communications professionals, we have such a hard time defining what we do.

What do you call yourself on your business card?  What do you suggest we call ourselves?


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