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Why Not Set A $500-An-Hour Minimum Wage?

February 25, 2013

When Bob Cousy retired from the Boston Celtics after leading his team to five consecutive championships, he was earning $35,000 a year.  LeBron James raked in $44.5 million last year.

That’s 127,143% more than the Celtics point guard made.  And King James has won only one championship.  Even taking 50 years of inflation into consideration, that’s a mind-boggling differential in pay.

Yet we would consider it grotesque for the federal government to jump in and insist that the Celtics contribute millions in back pay to the Cooz … or demand a reduction in compensation for LeBron.

Whatever Happened to “Public Servants?”

February 21, 2013

Remember when government employees were called “public servants?”  When used at all, that expression today is used sarcastically to emphasize that the public is not being served by its government employees.

Those of us who work in the private sector have become the “public servants.”  Instead of government employees serving us for the good of our country, we’re serving the government.