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Presidential Resolutions

January 1, 2013

President Obama has likely been too busy pushing the country to the brink of the fiscal cliff to make any resolutions this year, so I’ve made some for him.

Give A Speech Without “I” In It.  In 2009, after hearing President Obama’s speech about rescuing General Motors from bankruptcy, The New York Times Errol Morris wrote that, “I was reminded of the last scene of ‘Godfather I,’ when Michael Corleone, who begins the film as a young idealistic patriot, ends it by striking the pose of a Roman emperor as subordinates kiss his ring.”

Change Your Life – Work Out

December 27, 2012

Those who work out regularly always dread going to the gym during the first week of January.

That’s when the New Year’s resolvers arrive.  Having never been to the gym before, they won’t realize that the seats on the fitness equipment were not made for long rests and that benches are supposed to be used for pressing weights.